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April 07, 2012

We love seafood in our house and Michael is in love with shrimp. If someone has a shrimp plate at a party you better believe that he eats 80% of it and he especially goes crazy for jumbo shrimp. I made bruschetta for his birthday party but I didn’t think to make shrimp bruschetta. So I am taking the foundation of my previous bruschetta recipe and tweaking it to make a happy Husband!


1 Ecce Panis Ciabatta Bread
12 ounce box of Gorton’s Shrimp Scampi
5 Roma Tomatoes OR 3 Slicing Tomatoes
2 Garlic Cloves for mixture
Garlic Cloves for rubbing on the bread
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil for mixture
Additional Olive Oil for coating the bread
7 Fresh Basil Leaves OR 1 Tablespoon of Basil Seasoning

Cut up tomatoes into tiny pieces.
Cut up Basil Leaves.
Mix 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil, Basil and Tomatoes together in a bowl.
Add the Garlic to the mixture.
Bake the bread according to the package.
Slice the bread ends off and continue slicing the rest.
Place the slices on a baking sheet and place pieces of garlic on top of the bread
Drizzle about 1/2 Tablespoon of Olive Oil for each slice.
Bake at 375 degrees for 7 minutes.
Prepare the shrimp according to the package
Add the cooked garlic pieces from the bread into the cooking shrimp
Remove the big pieces of garlic once done cooking
Mix the shrimp scampi in with the Bruschetta
Top the warm bread with the mixture and enjoy!

Your ingredients are simple as you can see. Again, I prefer Roma tomatoes but you work with what you have. (Olive oil not pictured)

Instead of rubbing the garlic on the bread like I did in the previous recipe I just sliced it up and baked the garlic right on top of the bread. I found this to be way easier if you have enough garlic.

I started cooking the shrimp according to the package and decided not to waste the garlic from the bread. I tossed it right into the pan for more garlic flavor! Mmmhm garlic!
Once the shrimp was done cooking I removed the garlic pieces and mixed it in with the Bruschetta. I can’t tell you how delicious this smelled! All you do from here is top your bread with it and eat up!

Side Note: My Husband had Good Friday off from work so he was home and got to see what I do all day since he swears I sit around and twiddle my thumbs. I told him we would be trying a new Bruschetta recipe and he was not excited. That was until the house started to fill up with the aromas of garlic and shrimp. Silly man. He could barely wait until I had taken my photos to try it out. Then as he was working throughout the day I would here him open the oven and the fridge to make a new snack! I told him he would be fat if he stayed home with me all day because this is what takes up most of my days. Needless to say, he approves.

Now that I have shown you that Gorton’s is more than just fish sticks you have a chance to win 2 free product coupons from them! There are going to be 3 winners so your odds are good!
To sweeten the pot even more Gorton’s is running a Fisherman’s Friday Sweepstakes, through May 8th, where they will draw a weekly winner to win a TOP SECRET prize. As long as it is some sort of seafood our house is happy. They just introduced a new product called Skillet Crisp that I would be interested in trying out. We stick with their shrimp and grilled fish products just because I am not a big batter fish kind of gal. They also run coupons on their site that you can print out and save some cash on dinner. 

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