The Gorton's Fisherman

As The Gorton’s Fisherman says, "If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right." These are words we live by every day. The Gorton's Fisherman is more than just an image on our package. He represents the unwavering dedication of hundreds of fishermen past and present whose lives have centered around a passion for great seafood, and who have been proud to call the rugged and beautiful town of Gloucester their homeport. Like The Gorton's Fisherman, we believe in all the benefits the goodness of great seafood can offer people. And it is our goal to make great seafood available to consumers across the country.

We know that more than anything, The Gorton's Fisherman is synonymous with Trust, and we feel the weight of that responsibility in everything we do. From responding to consumers’ needs; to sourcing the best seafood and dedicating ourselves to preserving the health of the worldwide seafood supply; to performing more stringent inspections on our seafood than the US government requires; to crafting the most delicious and convenient recipes for our products; we work to earn that trust every day, and never take it for granted.

The Gorton's Fisherman embodies the hard work and dedication of Gorton's employees and the people of Gloucester, and we are consistently guided by his values to bring you and your family the best in seafood.