The Gorton’s difference is our commitment to quality, at both an organizational and individual level. If you have a passion for doing things the right way every time, you’re our kind of people.


We’re a strong believer that quality people make quality products.
Which is why we’re fortunate to have some of the best in the business.

President and CEO

If I was lost at sea, the Gorton’s item I would want to have with me is:
The Gorton’s Fisherman – he will always steer you home safely!

What I’m most proud of in my career at Gorton’s is:
How hard we work to delight our consumers each and every day.

The best thing about Gorton’s is:
Being part of a company that has 160 years of heritage, but has always been open and willing to change and grow.


Gorton’s reeled me in by: Having such a wonderful relationship with the local community.

The best thing about Gorton’s is: My wonderful co-workers (and the bowling league).

I am reminded I work on an island when: The Blynman (cut) bridge goes up for a passing boat.


I am reminded I work on an island when: I see the seagulls and smell the ocean air.

My favorite thing about America’s oldest fishing port is: The beautiful boulevard and the statues.

Red Sox or Yankees: Red Sox all the way!!

Research & Development

Words I live by: A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen.

I make a difference by: Donating to Food for the Poor and trying to participate in all of Gorton’s volunteer opportunities.

Ketchup or Tartar Sauce? Tartar Sauce…but usually I use hot sauce.


I’ve been a member of the Gorton’s crew since: 2006.

What I do at Gorton’s is: I help to grow the entire seafood category so more people can enjoy the goodness of seafood.

Ketchup or tartar sauce: None needed.

Consumer Marketing

I’m hooked on: Gorton’s Skillet Crisp Garlic & Herb Tilapia, because it has a craveable taste that I can’t resist.  I love to eat it with mac & cheese and a leafy green salad.

I Trust the Gorton’s Fisherman because: After 160 years, he is still around bringing high quality seafood products to consumers.

My favorite thing about America’s oldest fishing port is: In the summer, going to the beach after work on Fridays and then to a clam shack for dinner.


Customer Finance

The best thing about Gorton’s is: The people that work here! Everyone is so willing to help one another.

Let me tell you about my personal “crew”: My family is everything – Stew, Stella, and Rocco are my personal crew!

I stay active by: Chasing my kiddos around! 😉


I’m hooked on: Gorton’s Smart & Crunchy Fillets & Sticks, because they taste amazing and are healthy at the same time!

I trust the Gorton’s Fisherman because: He has never led me astray.

My favorite travel spot is: Acadia National Park because it’s a perfect mix of mountains, ocean and everything in between.

Production Management

What I’m most proud of in my career at Gorton’s is: The high quality of the products and team atmosphere.

The best thing about Gorton’s is: Continuous improvement that leads to perfection.

I make a difference by:  Paying attention to details and listening to my employee’s ideas.


Quality Control and Sanitation

I’m hooked on: Gorton’s Haddock Fish sticks because they are delicious.

My favorite thing about America’s oldest fishing port is: The sense of community.

If the fisherman called in sick, the celeb that could stand in for him would be: George Clooney (have you ever seen the movie “The Perfect Storm”?)

Human Resources

The ports I have visited along my career voyage include: Safety and HR for the manufacturing plant, benefits, payroll, recruiting…just about everything in HR.

I am reminded I work on an island when: I walk down the boulevard at lunch and look out over the beautiful Gloucester harbor.

Let me tell you about my personal “crew”: There were four girls in my house growing up so needless to say, there was never a dull day.


If I was lost at sea, the Gorton’s item I would want to have with me is: Tilapia fish sticks because they’re so easy to eat.

Gorton’s reeled me in by: Showing me a challenging working environment where I learn something new every day and have the potential to grow in the company.

My home port is: Marblehead, MA.

Seafood Center Production

What I am most proud of in my career at Gorton’s is: Achieving my goals.

The first thing I do when I get home from work is: Play with my daughter.

I went to school at: Gloucester High/Dominican Republic.


Since 1849, Gorton’s has been trusted to provide products that surpass expectations & help consumers live healthier lives by eating more seafood. To continue to earn that trust, Gorton’s people will:

Always do things right and do the right thing.

Be leaders, take smart risks and make a positive difference.

Develop true partnerships with customers, suppliers and each other.

Believe in our people and their ideas.

Be extraordinarily responsive with effective focus, teamwork and communication.

Continue to learn and improve with restless dissatisfaction and intellectual curiosity.

Embrace change and growth.

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