Our Promise

Integrity and trust have been the core tenets of our business since its inception in 1849. It wasn’t merely lip service then, and it’s certainly not so today. But combined with our newly shaped vision for the future of Gorton’s – and the planet it serves – those tenets remain at the core of the new Gorton’s way.

Now more than ever, it is our mission to spread the goodness of the sea by making quality seafood accessible to everyone. In doing so, we carry great passion and responsibility for the planet that provides us such things. That is why we are constantly exercising our curiosity to discover new and agile ways to minimize our environmental impact. It’s why we are collaboratively raising the bar for the seafood industry and all that it stands for. It’s why, above all else, we are committed to sustaining our global resources for future generations to enjoy. Because when our oceans are healthy and fruitful, so too are the family dinner tables we provide for. To us, that’s the only way forward – the Gorton’s way.

What does "sustainability" mean for wild-caught seafood?

Sustainable Fish Stocks
Environmentally Responsible
Engaged Fisheries
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Gorton's strives to bring the freshest high quality seafood to consumers while protecting the world’s resources, and we forge long-term partnerships with suppliers that are committed to the same high standards. While the majority of our seafood is from certified sources, our Trusted Catch™ program goes beyond certification and enacts real change in the industry and on the water. Gorton’s utilizes the latest in scientific data and best practices to ensure that our seafood is sourced responsibly today and for generations to come.


All Gorton's seafood is fully traceable to the source.

Central atlantic Gulf of Mexico North Pacific Gulf of Alaska Sea Bering Sea of Okhotsk Barents Sea Iceland North Atlantic Northwest atlantic

Nearly all of our products are made with wild-caught fish from the waters of Alaska, the Barents and Bering Seas and the North Pacific, caught by fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. We elect to work with suppliers who share our sense of responsibility for protecting the world’s marine resources, habitats, and ecosystems.

What about aquaculture?

Gorton’s also works with aquaculture (farmed) sources for two kinds of seafood: tilapia and shrimp. We choose aquaculture partners that take steps to minimize environmental impacts of farming, ensure farmed fish are treated responsibly and protect the conditions of farm workers.

The Best Fish, and nothing but

Gorton’s is obsessed with quality, and we hold everyone who is part of making our products to the same rigorous standards.


Quality Checklist

At Gorton's, we're committed to going above and beyond even the most stringent seafood inspection standards.


Supplier Inspections

All our suppliers go through an annual risk assessment and are subject to third-party inspections and audits to ensure they continue to meet Gorton’s standards.


Mercury and Antibiotic Testing

We routinely test to ensure strict compliance with both Gorton’s and Government quality and safety standards, including those for mercury and antibiotics.


Gluten Testing

Our quality standards extend beyond the fish to all other ingredients we use in our recipes. For example, our gluten-free products are tested and certified to be free of gluten, because we want to be confident in our gluten-free label.

Getting to your table

Our Gloucester, Massachusetts facility is where our products and recipes are made,

the way it has been since the beginning.

  1. Fish fillets are shipped via rail and SmartWay fuel-efficient/low-emission carriers.
  2. Fish arrive in our energy-efficient Gloucester plant to become the recipes you know and love.
  3. Using the most resource-efficient methods possible, the fish is processed and packaged.
  4. When it’s time to ship out, our products head to grocers in shipping cases made from 90% recyclable fiber.
  5. Products reach the store and your table, while we work to divert as much processing waste as possible from landfills.

Beyond the Bite

Many people worry whether food sources will be around when their great-grandchildren are. At Gorton’s, we take our responsibility to protect fish species for future generations very seriously.

Beyond the Bite

What are we doing?

Partnering with conservation organizations including the New England Aquarium.

Beyond the Bite

What are we doing?

Sourcing seafood from the best suppliers possible, with particular attention to those certified by organizations that back their practices.

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