Brazilian Style Roasted Salmon

No need to get fancy to feel fancy. Keep things quick and tasty with Embracing Mamahood’s easy homage to her Brazilian roots.

Greek Baked Salmon With Dill Sauce

Satisfaction is most definitely guaranteed with Fuel Mama’s Mediterranean take on grilled salmon. Easy to make and packed with flavor you don’t have to feel guilty about, this may have to be on the menu every week!

Simple Salmon Tacos

Think about it this way: in the time you’ve spent searching for a healthy recipe that actually tastes good, you could have already been drizzling some lime over Running With Frosting’s super simple salmon tacos.

Grilled Salmon Salad with Sesame Salad Dressing

Worry not. The key to eternal (or at least until you get to eat again) happiness lies within the drizzle of sesame dressing on Scrappy Greek’s grilled salmon salad.

Salmon Beet & Orange Salad

Mindy’s Cooking Obsession doesn’t miss a beet with this grilled salmon salad that’ll leave you feeling rejuvenated, satisfied, and dare we say… maybe even a little greedy.

Antoni Porowski’s Buffalo Fish Sliders

If there’s anyone who knows how well Buffalo sauce goes on anything and everything, it’s your TV’s own food expert—Antoni Porowski. Be the star of any show with these sliders, or simply keep them all to yourself. We won’t judge.

Antoni Porowski’s Brunchy Fish and Waffles

Wake up and smell the jalapeño maple syrup. Emmy-winning TV personality Antoni Porowski’s fish and waffles recipe takes on brunch with a Beer Battered Fish Fillet crunch you wouldn’t expect to love this much.

Antoni Porowski’s Lemon Tahini Fish Sticks

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took fish sticks, and actually put them on a stick? Tahini-topped genius. That’s what happens. Just ask Emmy-winning food expert Antoni Porowski.

Antoni Porowski’s Thai Inspired Fish Cakes

Emmy-winning food expert Antoni Porowski’s delicious take on Thai fish cakes take your tastebuds on a first-class journey right from your dinner table.

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