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Salmon, Mushrooms and Rice Buddha Bowl

Looking for a fresh, delicious meal? Let Cooking with Manuela be your personal culinary guide. This Salmon, Mushrooms, and Rice Buddha Bowl make sure you are enjoying your meal as fast as possible with little prep and little mess.


Gorton's seafood

Gorton’s Simply Bake Salmon

1 package (2 fillets, 8.2 oz) Gorton’s Simply Bake Salmon, Roasted Garlic & Butter
1 cup rice blend (white, brown, wild and red) or your favorite
2 tablespoons olive oil, divided
8 oz (baby bella) mushrooms, sliced
1 garlic clove
2 handful arugula
handful cherry tomatoes
4 tablespoons sour cream (optional)
salt and pepper to taste
fresh parsley, chopped


Step 1

Prepare Gorton’s Simply Bake Salmon according to package instructions, until reaching an internal temperature of 145°F or higher.

Step 2

Cook the rice following the directions on the package.

Step 3

Saute the mushrooms in a skillet with a tablespoon of olive oil and the crushed garlic clove. Cook over medium high heat for a few minutes until tender and golden.

Step 4

Assemble by dividing the rice, adding half in each bowl. Add a small handful of arugula and cabbage and a few tomatoes in half of the bowl.

Step 5

Top with the mushrooms and salmon cut in pieces. Garnish with chopped fresh parsley, more pepper, and a dollop of sour cream if you’d like. Enjoy!


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